The economic precariousness and paid work, make it impossible to devote time to research


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Dear readers and friends, I am sorry to say that in recent times I have neglected my blog, not by choice but by the emotional inability to continue with these issues.
I believe that now is the time to see all the problems on implementation and evaluation of technologies that can be applied to education, digital skills and many other topics that I deal in my blogs, from a broader perspective and from many other points of view.
Being too many years working technological and educational issues I can not see reality with a broader spectrum.
I have to admit that all my efforts to change, even a little, the educational system, not only the mandatory training but also further training of workers and professionals, have not been very successful, I think that facts of state education are needed and there are issues that many seek in our blog that can not be carried forward without the support of the organizations that are what ultimately decide on these issues, which are seen from a political perspective and not on the real educational needs of citizens and students .
I do not know about the conclusions to which I will arrive, but what I am sure of is that without economic support and our peers, it is almost impossible to go on working.
Congratulations to all components of for their effort and perseverance, I learned much from them so I give infinite thanks, also to all the readers of my blog and other bloggers for their constant support, comments, and discrepancies, without which dialogue would have been impossible.
Finally, and without any shame, I must say that my work and economic situation is quite precarious and probably I will have not The Internet at the end of December, without solving the above problem.
Receive my most sincere wishes for a new year full of challenges, and the energy needed to go on with them.

Julia Echeverria Moran