Technological Research: European University Projects

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European University Projects And Technological Research: Insight   

We met Raymond Sterling in the Kunlabori coworking space in Madrid. He informed us about his work as a researcher and how the university is working through European university projects with other public institutions, universities, companies, and Subject Matter Experts in various technological innovations.

Energy Efficiency

«We are a research group within the Galway National University of Ireland (NUI Galway), a city that is at the west of the country. We are a research group calledIRUSE. Our group moves between computer (models, simulation, mathematics, artificial intelligence) and energy efficiency to improve the design and use of buildings in energy efficiency and comfort.

Particularly within the group I am a postdoctoral researcher, and among other things I’m working on a project called GEMS on issues of global energy efficiency. This project aims to help people who are responsible for many buildings to…

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