Design a gamified project with game thinking.


1. Summary and game thinking.

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The goal of this project, is to design an E-learning course about “digital competences”. I am going to use 2 game thinking.

  1. Serious game thinking because I will alternate reality with games. That means that my design will develop real case with a bit of fiction. This means that I will need to develop a tool or find it on the Web 2.0 (open source). I will use some fiction to evaluate the student/player learning and their achievement of competence trough the course.

  2. Gamification, because this course will have goals, rules and immediate feed back.

2. Type of players, analyze the core target.

Nowadays, it is really necessary for a teacher and for every one that have to work in a modern company or in any other place were it’s needed to have some digital competences. So the people that will take this course, may be come from a school, or a company business, or a government organization. It’s possible that some of them won’t be pleased to take this course because they are afraid to fail or just think that they don’t need it: this kind of student can become a Disruptor. Others one can loves it and this can be the socializer, some others was asking for it with a free spirit, and other search and find the course that they are going to take that mean that this can be an achiever, and finally we will also have the philanthropists but the main thinking is that every student, lets say player, “need to learn this competences”. So, the student goal, will be to learn, use and practice with what they will be learning.

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3. The key actions I am going to use in order to encourage the student/players to go on with the course with motivation and to engage them.

  • In the beginning, it is necessary to think in giving the students/players an E-learning experience in order to motivate them to be engaged in the process of learning this course about “digital competence”.

  • Then it is necessary to guide them through the learning with immediate feed back to reinforce their comprehension.

  • By using some serious game thinking, we will have to provide an E-learning experience by using for example, a design quiz questionnaire, where, for every right answer the student will have a plant or a tree, and it will go on growing, but if the answer is wrong, the tree will loose it’s leafes.

  • The course will provide the player real experience, realistic practice and authentic tools and context.

  • Try to be as flexible as possible with the players needs, so in this case, the best will be the personal experience with the teacher/tutor.

Julia Echeverría Moran


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Julia Echeverría Moran

The next "resume" present what I have done some years ago. Actually, I am dedicated only on research different ways to improve technology on education. Over the last decade or so, I have specialized in the development of training courses for both government, industry and educational institution in the constant race to take full advantage of technologies, which advance in “Internet time”. Every course is designed for a specific audience and a specific goal and lenguage, Gamification intrigues me. It's the way to engage my cliente's employees into learning the latest round of training that they're not always sure that they want to work at learning. I believe on peer to peer collaboration and doing some work with as well as participating on international study group and researcher. I think there is a huge gap between the theory and practice, in my case, as a consultant I have created my own company knowing the day to day business activity and training needs that have been created over these years, so, what I have taught has first implemented, giving my courses a plus, in which theory and practice have been linked. On the other hand, right now, I think one of the big challenges for my school, Social Media College, is to provide employees, managers, students and teachers of minimum digital skills in order to compete in the labor market on equal conditions and growing as digital citizens. I currently spend my time alternately between Siena, Italy and the Spanish Alcarria where I find the peace and solitude to carry out my project planning and develop my eLearning platforms and tailered courses, studing and writting. I'm a born traveller and being small is a great advantage in fitting into modern ultra-compact airline seats whether my clients are in Europe or the Americas. Contenido multimedia (1)Este puesto tiene contenido multimedia (1)

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