The best social network for educational improvement: the Cloister

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Dear readers, I share these reflections of a teacher and blogger, my colleague Jordi Martí, I hope you like it and comment on it.

It has long diving / castaway on social networks. There are already a few years sharing reflections and many more admiring the many wonderful things they are doing some in their classrooms. And, despite this, I still found myself uncomfortable. Uncomfortable to see that, unfortunately, those hours of digital talk show or cafes in good company cost its transfer to schools. Centers where the key to educational improvement is. The truth is not outside or inside, the truth is that the imperative for educational improvement occurs is that there is a greater relationship between the members of the Senate. Yes, educational improvement is because the comrades who are working under the same roof know understand what happens when the doors are closed affect other colleagues and, of course, to student learning. Should banish fears. Ought to speak. Speaking without imposing. Speaking to learn. Enjoy the discrepancy and discussions that can get to be generated.

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It is not boring to spend hours in meetings where all you want is skedaddle out the door. It is not necessary that all agree and we think alike. What is essential is to understand that what happens in our center involves us all and that ultimately, however much we want to throw balls out or wait for divine help, the only ones we can trust are those, day after day, doing the best they can / know too closed doors in order to be productive.

I’d love to discuss proposals together. I would like to hear the proposals of those who never talk about educational issues. I would like to ward off the fear that the opinion of one attack to another is perceived. I would love to go hand in hand at the professional level with all that I live in my work because one of the great benefits of my job is that all of us in garlic are the same level. There are no bosses or bad subjects understood. There is a team of excellent professionals who, unfortunately, still fleeing the transparency of our thoughts in regards to the operation of our center. And that, in the end, all it does is create misunderstandings and converting professionals who should go side by side in little less than irreconcilable enemies. That’s not. It is not the purpose of the Senate.

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Perhaps optimistically small and sometimes, especially when I talk about the internals of an educational center but I am totally convinced that the best social network for educational improvement is the Cloister. A Senate does not depend on the amount of Megas you stay in mobile or wifi to which you can connect. Let’s give the value it deserves and push forward, not homogenization with unique ideas, and whether the establishment of a discussion forum where everyone’s opinion is heard.

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Julia Echeverría Moran

The next "resume" present what I have done some years ago. Actually, I am dedicated only on research different ways to improve technology on education. Over the last decade or so, I have specialized in the development of training courses for both government, industry and educational institution in the constant race to take full advantage of technologies, which advance in “Internet time”. Every course is designed for a specific audience and a specific goal and lenguage, Gamification intrigues me. It's the way to engage my cliente's employees into learning the latest round of training that they're not always sure that they want to work at learning. I believe on peer to peer collaboration and doing some work with as well as participating on international study group and researcher. I think there is a huge gap between the theory and practice, in my case, as a consultant I have created my own company knowing the day to day business activity and training needs that have been created over these years, so, what I have taught has first implemented, giving my courses a plus, in which theory and practice have been linked. On the other hand, right now, I think one of the big challenges for my school, Social Media College, is to provide employees, managers, students and teachers of minimum digital skills in order to compete in the labor market on equal conditions and growing as digital citizens. I currently spend my time alternately between Siena, Italy and the Spanish Alcarria where I find the peace and solitude to carry out my project planning and develop my eLearning platforms and tailered courses, studing and writting. I'm a born traveller and being small is a great advantage in fitting into modern ultra-compact airline seats whether my clients are in Europe or the Americas. Contenido multimedia (1)Este puesto tiene contenido multimedia (1)

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