Questions to ask to the Stakeholder and it definition

Dear readers, here I present an infographic that has surprised me a bit, considering that it lacks some important points which should be known in advance or ask at the beginning of the conversation: the most important point to know is “the goal” and this we should have it really clear before offering any course or service or software, platform, methodology and so on.
It is also necessary to know the meaning of Stakeholder, so we can approach the decisions we should consider to offert.


Stakeholder theory succeeds in becoming famous not only in the business ethics fields. It is used as one of the frameworks in corporate social responsibility methods. For example, ISO 26000 and GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) involve stakeholder analysis.

In fields such as law, management, human resource, stakeholder theory succeeded in challenging the usual analysis frameworks, by suggesting to put stakeholders’ needs at the beginning of any action.[18] Some authors, such as Geoffroy Murat, tried to apply stakeholder’s theory to irregular warfare.

Stakeholder theory has seen growing uptake in higher education in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. One influential definition defines a stakeholder in the context of higher education as anyone with a legitimate interest in education who thereby acquires a right to intervene. Studies of higher education first began to recognize students as stakeholders in 1975. External stakeholders may include employers. In Europe, the rise of stakeholder regimes has arisen from the shift of higher education from a government-run bureaucracy to modern system in which the government’s role involves more monitoring than direct control, if you want to learn more, just click on the link above.

The other consideration at the moment to design a tailored course, are:

Implementation and evaluation of the educational technology we are going to offer, as we all know, there are have to be two tipe of evaluation:

  • Formative evaluation
  • Summative evaluation

We will go on talking about implementation and evaluation  edutational technology


Julia Echeverria Moran


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